In My Book Of Deadbeat Dads - Prof Hamo

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By  | Apr 30, 2021, 05:18 PM  | Drama

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Churchill Show comedian Prof Hamo has been put on the spot after it emerged that he does not support his baby mama, Stella Bunei Koitie alias Jemutai.

The revelation Kenyans have taken to social media to rebuke Hamo following his alleged decision of refusing to support his children.

Kenyans online have accused the comedian of being a deadbeat dad and one who preachers water but takes wine.

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Some Kenyans noted that it was an act of hypocrisy for Hamo to advise men against being irresponsible for the children yet he does exactly the opposite of his advice.
Prof. Hamo. Photo: Instagram

"Kumbe hawa watu hutuadvise kwa redio😂😂kwa ground mambo ni noma," one Sultan noted.

"In my book of a deadbeat dad🤮," another added.

Others noted that Hamo's decision to abandon Jemutai after having his children was not right. They said it was wrong for him to have unprotected sex yet he can't bear the results of his actions.

"Watu wanakulana huku inje lakini majukumu hawataki🙆🏿‍♀️," an Instagram user said.

"You have it raw but when things happen that's when you draw the line sad😔," another added.

Below are some reactions from Kenyans.

bedanbido: "That ain't a good man like this 😢ndio wanfanya madem wanakua leles shit this ain't good that the power and strength of a woman."

nairobikulture: "Siwezi imagine hamo alimwaga ndani ya hoe ya jemutai😢😢 i gif up."

miss_syonthi: "Men are trash then a few years later wanataka watoto wao. Manugu 😏😏 professional sperm donors."

bazengadaddi111: "kama hutaki majukumu va mpiraa🤣."

The allegations that Prof. Hamo impregnated his fellow comedian after it emerged that she was planning to sell her Facebook account with over eight hundred thousand followers.
Churchill Show comedian Jemutai. Photo: Instagram

Following her move to sell her account, her close associate revealed to blogger Edgar Obare that the female comedian was really suffering together with her two children even though her baby daddy, Hamo was enjoying life.

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"I would like to call out Jemutai's babby daddy Prof Hamo I am so disappointed in him. Jemu is my friend and she was my neighbor in Transami.

"I knew him when they had started dating back in 2015 Hamo alikuwa anaishi na siz yake ata hakuwa na gari...She is such a sweet soul and she doesn't deserve what she is going through honestly,"
Jemutai's friend who sought animosity told Edgar Obare.
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