Another Socialite Jailed For Theft

Shay Diva hails from Kitale.

By  | Dec 05, 2022, 06:36 PM  | Drama

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2022 has not been a kind year for socialites. Months after Mishi Dorah was hauled before a magistrate for an offence involving an unpaid bar bill, yet another socialite is flirting with prison time- this time for stealing a dead man's car.

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Kitale-based Sheila Wairimu who goes by the name Shay Diva has been found guilty of forgery and stealing a dead tycoon's Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series and has been ordered by a Magistrate to return it to the man's family. She has also been ordered to pay a fine of Ksh 200,00 or face a four year prison sentence.

Shay is lucky because the Magistrate took into account that she was a first time offender, so the punishment could have been even heavier. She pled for mercy from the court through her lawyer saying, “My client is very remorseful. She has a family who depends on her (kids). She double up as a care giver to her ill mother."

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The 31-year-old socialite and musician was arrested in July 2021 on accusations of accessing tycoon PJ Dodhia Kumar’s TIMs/NTSA account and transferring ownership of the Toyota V8 to herself without following due processes of succession. Kumar was alleged to be Shay's lover at the time of his passing at the age of 61.

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Hazards of being a socialite
Back in June, ex Nairobi Diaries star Mishi Dorah, real name Diana Clara Ojenge, was arrested on accusations of failing to pay a Ksh 150,000 bill after ordering some expensive food and drinks at a Nairobi restaurant called Golden Ice Bistro which is located at the Nextgen Mall in South C.

She and her friend allegedly had a good time spoiling themselves with expensive menu items at the city restaurant. They ate and drunk like queens on Mishi's tab. Some of the things they ordered included six bottles of Belaire Luxe wine which would cost Ksh 75,000, seven bottles of Hennessy at Ksh 70,000. She also ordered chicken legs and lots of cocktails.

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According to court testimony, when it came time for paying up, Mishi said that her bank card wasn't working. She then took a couple of the restaurant employees on a wild goose chase to her home to collect money which wasn't there. She ended up requesting for some time to pay the bill, but by Monday she had stopped answering calls from the restaurant.

The management of the restaurant had no option but to report the matter to police and that is when the evasive socialite was tracked and arrested by the police. Mishi pled not guilty during her case hearing.

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The socialite who likes to pose on her Instagram portraying a high life looked almost unrecognizable with bushy hair and without makeup in her court pictures.

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