Illuminati Backfired? Magix Enga Seeking For Forgiveness Citing Misfortunes

' I'm going through a lot'

By  | Jan 24, 2023, 09:38 AM  | Drama

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Gengetone artist Magix Enda has hit the headlines again, this time lamenting his misfortunes.

The Mambichwa hitmaker was spotted on camera looking homeless and beaten by life in a video that circulated last month. Yesterday, the singer announced that he is willing to apologize to anyone he has wronged, citing misfortunes.

"Hey, people place life in imenifikisha I don't understand anything, nawapenda sana. Though talent iko siko poa. I'm going through a lot, sielewi mbona; please help. Kama nilikosea, I apologize. More love to all of you." The distressed singer said.

His misfortunes have been rumored to have started when he confessed that he had joined the feared cult Illuminati for almost a decade. 

Magix Enga let it slip that being a member of the cult enabled his career to flourish. He recounted how he struggled before he made up his mind to join the Illuminati.
I was 23-24 when I joined. Right now I’m turning 30. I used to stay with KRG The Don, doing my music, then with time, it wasn’t as reliable. I met with anonymous management. There have been people talking about Illuminati. Illuminati is real, and people should stop joking about it,” he stated.

He later recanted the entire story, claiming that he was under the influence at the time he said it. He later came out to say that he was trying to quit drugs, but it looks like they still have a grip on him. 

It is now clear that unlike other celebs living their best life, the singer is struggling with a lot, from his career to his finances and his mental health

According to him, his managers swindled him and hacked his Facebook page as well as his equipment. That means he lost not only the hardware but also the intellectual property on the machines. He lost the instrumentals he had been working on as well as finished songs and albums.

Right when he was about to make some serious money, his fortunes changed, and he was now in serious debt to the tune of millions of dollars. He owed his landlord, he owed artists, and now he had to borrow new equipment and work out a hire purchase agreement. Magix Enga was devastated.

Netizens blamed the Illuminati for his misfortunes, 

seanmpreezy: Seek God and He will speak to you 🙏🏾 and for the people laughing at him, seek God to help you.

cocoe__dollar_reigns: It's too bad that "he could be in a really bad situation, but from the beginning how he decided to handle things, including making up monkey stories for clout and whatever reasons he had," it's impossible to believe anything he says because he already messed up! Actions have consequences, and the internet never forgets! Everyone is going through or has gone through something, but how one deals with it is what’s important.

yusufkayus: Nikama bado watu illuminati hawajalipwaa 

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