I Haven’t Used a Matatu in Over 26 Years- Flamboyant Lawyer Brags

Humble for who?

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Flamboyant City Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir is known for enjoying a flamboyant lifestyle which he unapologetically flaunts on social media.

He was the first Kenyan to own a Range Rover Sport HSE 2016 model and
recently acquired a brand new Mercedes E300.

RMA Motors, thanks for making me the first and only owner of this type of Range Rover Sport HSE 2016 model in Kenya: looking forward to collecting it,” he posted on Twitter.

Upon acquiring the Mercedes 6 weeks ago, Kipkorir took to Instagram to post, “Just taken delivery of my new Mercedes E300 from DT Dobie. The heavens will always take care of her children.”

This kind of lifestyle often rubs people off the wrong way especially in this Covid-19 times where many young people are unemployed or struggling.

Kipkorir with his newly acquired Mercedes E300 (Instagram)

He recently left a bitter taste in people’s mouths after revealing that he hasn’t been in a matatu in 26 + years. The revelation came after someone asked him what the white Toureg-like sticker seen on many private cars means.
“I have seen several cars with an engraved name “Dakar” below a picture of turbaned man. Does anybody know what it means? Is it another hustler movement? @DonaldBKipkorir. please help f you are in a position,” read a tweet from Murugu Karitu a Food Technologist.

Donald was quick to inform him that he doesn’t know what it means as he hasn’t used a matatu in over 26 years.

“MMK, I swear I won’t know the meaning as I haven’t used a matatu in over 26Years! But I will investigate,” he tweeted.

While the good lawyer may be in the dark about the logo, the turbaned man is a symbol of the Dakar race which is the largest off-road race in the world. Drivers and riders drive/ride across 10,000 kilometers of punishing terrains like sand dunes, mud, and rocks on the Paris-Dakar route. It has since been moved to South America over security concerns.

But I digress. Back to Donald's comment.
Kenyans React

His comment
rubbed people of the wrong way as it was seen as a not-so-subtle brag.

Check out the reactions on Twitter:

@osmanabdinasir7: Nobody! Nobody! Nooooo body asked about matatus!DBK: here is an opportunity to show people am not an ordinary Kenyan! Shida ya new money ni hii, you must announce it!

@NzaniNgila: We know you don't use matatus but did we ask you for how you haven't used the used the same? There are Kenyans who trek to work daily na wanatamani kupanda hizo mats sana....usiwadharau!

@kenmwiti16: According to DBK, one can ONLY see that logo if you use matatu, especially for the last 26years. High-end vehicles tend to sieve images from the streets through the windscreen for the driver. I think DBK stopped using Kenyan roads 26years ago. Waah!, Kenyans!!!

@owobuya: KIP, even when sitting back left in your black Cadillac, "The Beast", you can see this sign behind a car in front of you. You don't have to be in a Matatu.

@SisiWananchi: You don't need to eat fish to know that it lives in water.

@Ray690: Hehehehe 26years! Wakili are you implying that all those Subaru's that sport that (logo) are matatus?

@VictorOyuko: Sir, the vehicle in question is not even a matatu
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