I Have Not Taken Alcohol Since 2021- Janet Mbugua


By  | Mar 26, 2023, 12:31 PM  | Drama

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Media personality Janet Mbugua has opened up about her relationship with alcohol over the last few years, revealing that she has not taken any alcoholic drink since December 2021.

The former News anchor revealed this to Nairobi News where she further said that her decision to quit alcohol is not permanent and she could go back when she feels like it, only that it is not serving her at the moment.

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She further clarified that even when she was taking alcohol it was just as a social drink and she was in no way an addict.

She once raised eyebrows on social media after making a post that left a lot of her followers with unanswered questions.

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The media personality went on Instagram and posted the following,
"It’s ok, Healing is messy and you will have good days and bad.
Some days you’ll be in good form, some days you won’t. The secret is being kind to yourself as you dance between the two. (Quote). We’re all just trying to get by best as we can."
Many people in the comment section related with her sentiments expressing that they have been in that situation. Among those that were in the comments was Michelle Ntalami who recently broke up with her journalist girlfriend Makena Njeri.

Others expressed concern for her asking if she was doing okay. In her post, she went further to give encouraging words saying that as much as there is pain, there's healing, and as time goes by one gets to overcome the struggles and get up on their two feet.

She also explained that the healing process doesn't make one a bad parent, colleague, leader, or friend, but a human who is momentarily in a bad form.

 This comes at the backdrop of the rumor that has been spreading that Janet and her controversial husband Eddie Ndichu went their separate ways.

The two had a colourful and highly publicized wedding seven years ago at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri County that put the spotlight on them even further, bringing the public eye straight onto their married life business.

That was until they had their two children Ethan and Mali Ndichu.
All was well and good though, up until it wasn’t so. 

According to the interview with Classic, Janet had begun having doubts about her partner while they were still dating. The two, who had met in South Africa were said to have been immediately captured by the other and felt a strong pull towards a romantic relationship. All this time though, Eddie had been known for his ‘interesting’ reputation with women, and while they were dating Janet had put him on blast, to which his behaviours reduced.

Janet did not come onto the internet to talk about her marriage woes (even though word n the grapevine is that he did indeed chest on Janet and did so incredibly often), but it was said that the last nail on the coffin was when Eddie cheated on Janet while she was still pregnant with their second child, Mali. 
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