Huddah Shares Tips On How To Get A Rich Old Man

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By  | Jan 29, 2021, 02:42 AM  | Huddah Monroe  | Drama

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If you are a single girl and are looking for a rich older guy then Huddah has some tips to help you succeed. 

The socialite shared on Instagram her ‘Only Fans’ page where she will be selling out all her tricks. This is a page where a fan has to pay to get the information. Huddah revealed that among the things she is educating her fans on is how to get rich old men adding that how to get a man with money is also part of the lessons she is giving.

She added that her ‘Only Fans’ page is not for posting nude pictures contrary to popular belief. She also added that she is a very active person when it comes to bedroom affairs.
Huddah once shared her thoughts on cheating men, saying;

“I will never break up with a man for cheating! Lol! Stingy, yes, I’m done. Day 1! Bye! Bye, was nice to meet you.”

 She further explored her thoughts on cheating in another post, where she challenged the notion that men cheat on good women with girls who are way below their league.

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“To a man every woman is beautiful, in her own way! Rich, poor, young, old, calm your ti**ies!” she said.

She went on to advise her followers to always focus on what makes them happy and ignore other people’s opinions.

The socialite recently revealed that she once dumped an ex because of how his former lover looked. 

According to Huddah she cannot date someone whose previous lovers were ugly. During a chat with her Instagram fans on Wednesday, January 13, the voluptuous lass inquired from ladies if an ex to someone they were currently dating would be the reason why they would leave the man. 
The entrepreneur said she dumped a man because of how his ex-girlfriend looked but felt it was also a bad thing because judging was condemned in the bible. She was quick to clarify that it had nothing to do with the lady's looks, saying: 
 "And it's not about ugly! Ugly doesn't have to be physical," She added. "To me, nobody is really ugly! I mean." 

The socialite said personality was what she considered ugly and also someone who was dirty.

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