Huddah Ready To Be Diamond's Next Baby Mama?

Not if Tanasha can allow it

By  | Apr 04, 2022, 07:44 AM  | Huddah Monroe  | Drama

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Ever since their alleged beef not too long ago, many are still quite unsure as to where exactly Huddah Monroe and Tanasha Donna stand, in as far as their friendship is concerned. 

And if recent events can prove anything, it seems that things have not changed and may not be changing anytime soon!

Just recently Tanasha took her Instagram to share a photo of her and her son that was giving us all the feels. 

What has stunned netizens the most is how Tanasha’s son looks like Diamond! Dare we say these two charmers might as well be twins! Surely if there was a moment that anyone doubted whether or not Tanasha had Diamond’s son, then you best believe those doubts have been put to shame. 

As you can already imagine, fans have shown up in the comment section to gush over the adorable mother and son, with many agreeing that none of Diamond’s children resembles him the way baby Naseeb does. 

But what caught our attention even more was when entrepreneur and socialite Huddah, also commented on the photo calling out Diamond’s name. 

Now while we can only imagine that she was simply and innocently agreeing to what everyone is already saying about Diamond’s son, it looks like fans have instead decided to read much more into her comment. 


Many have responded to her asking her why she is calling out on Diamond, as if she too wants to have a child with the Wasafi records artists. 

Others have even gone ahead to ask her why she is in Tanasha’s comment section when the two had apparently sworn to never speak to each other again. 

And while we still do not know how true that may be, it is clear that Huddah may have picked the wrong day to try and salvage their beef, if that is indeed what she was trying to do. 


Tanasha has in fact mized her comment and we can only believe it is because she’s got no time to engage whatever it is Huddah was trying to communicate. 

For now, let’s just assume she was just in fact gushing over Diamond’s son and nothing more. 

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