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Illegal drug she takes in Dubai exposed

By  | Oct 13, 2021, 01:56 PM  | Huddah Monroe  | Drama

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Huddah exposed the illegal drug she uses before she sleeps and this oneโ€™s a doozy, guys.

On her Instagram, Huddah was casually uploading pictures of her travels as she normally does but this time, while sharing her thoughts on some social issues, she revealed that she partakes in a certain drug before she sleeps.

In a post that she captioned โ€˜medicationโ€™ on her isnta stories, she revealed a packaging labelled โ€˜Gorilla Glue Cannabisโ€™ positioned in front of her bed. 

This, was a huge shock to many because Huddah has never shared anything about how she โ€˜medicatesโ€™ apart from the ever so present glass of champagne.

The packaging, labelled Gorilla Glue, revealed a lot about the marijuana strain upon a quick google search.

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Gorilla Glue developed an MJ strain called Gorilla Glue 5 that is literally a very special and different kind of marijuana. According to several websites, the MJ strain is Indica-dominant that is said to be extremely aromatic and is meant to promote relaxation, euphoria and sleepiness and is loves mostly by people that have been using Marijuana (MJ) for a long time

Very interesting.

Many people would have never pegged Huddah to be one to use psychedelic drugs to sleep properly โ€“this here is a brand new surprise.

She, however, is not the first celebrity that has admitted to using MJ. Artists like Bensoul, Beinaime from Sauti Sol, even Raila Odinga Junior have come out openly to say that they partake in the illegal drug ever so often.

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In fact, these celebrities are just some of the many that actively advocate for the legalization of Marijuana as a drug in Kenya, many of them insisting that not only is the drug good for you, it is also very useful for the economy of the country! What do you think of that?

Huddah seems very comfortable sharing details of her life that could very well incriminate her as well. 

She came to Africa a few days ago (even though she hasnโ€™t been to her home country yet, which we are rather salty about), and has been excursing in Ghana for the past few and we may be right to assume that she will be coming back to Kenya any time now!

Marijuana is not legal in Ghana, however, and if you were thinking she got it from Dubai โ€“itโ€™s not legal there either!

Are celebs normalizing weed too much and if so, what can we do about that? 
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