Huddah Monroe Sends A Cryptic Message To Her Exes

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By  | May 10, 2022, 09:42 AM  | Huddah Monroe  | Drama

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Popular socialite Huddah Monroe is without a doubt a social media sensation. A day can never go by without the entrepreneur setting tongues wagging with her beautiful looks and of course her to die for body. 

When she is not promoting her business online, the socialite is always known for flaunting her soft baby girl lifestyle that she has already become accustomed to, as well expressing her views on certain issues and topics. 

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This time it was no different as Huddah took to her Instagram stories to send what seems to be a subliminal message to all her exes and her former friends. 

It all started after she shared a post that said that she was doing fine without all the people who walked out on her life. 

She then followed it up with a caption saying, β€œI’m glad for some break ups and friendships that ended because that life you on right now wasn’t really gonna be my destiny or my last bus stop.” 


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In the recent past, Huddah has been known to always have a beef with her fellow socialite Vera Sidika. And while it is not clear where or how this beef started, Huddah has always been known to throw jabs at Vera and netizens have always been at the edge of their seats to see whether or not it would end. 

One might think that this was yet another chance for her to throw shade at Vera, but since she has not played her β€œwhy are people using their babies as props” card yet, we can only assume that her message was definitely not meant for Vera. 

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That aside however, when it comes to her love life, Huddah has successfully managed to keep her special man (if she does have one) under the wraps for quite some time now. 

And yes, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t she the same Huddah who is always claiming that she can only date men from Dubai? Yes, that is definitely true. 

So if her message is anything to go by, we can only assume that the socialite was throwing shade at her Kenyan exes, those who did not meet the standard of what she really wanted. Can we really blame her though? 

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It was just the other day when Huddah was making headlines after a photo of her exposed underwear broke the internet. 

As you may already know, sis always knows how to turn heads with her great sense in style and fashion, but this time, netizens were not sure whether this stunt was intentional or whether it was just one of those days where one has a wardrobe malfunction. 

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Whichever it is, let us just say it all worked in her favor in the end because it was literally all fans could talk about. 

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