Huddah Monroe Is Tired Of The Negative Publicity

The beauty suggests trolls build their own first before criticizing.

By  | Jun 28, 2020, 04:36 PM  | Huddah Monroe  | Drama

Huddah Monroe is tired of being clickbait for news outlets and has taken to Instagram to voice out her frustrations.  

The multi-faceted personality and businesswoman is clearly touched that whenever publication write about her it is never to congratulate her, but to ridicule her.  Her most recent headlining story was her spicy comment following the arrest of Hushpappi. 

Tweeps and gossip outlets had a field day dragging Huddah for her comments, while suggesting too that her wealth was acquired through her romantic involvement with Hushpappi, who flashed his luxurious lifestyle on social media. 

The entrepreneur suggested that instead of the preoccupation with her life, she would advise trolls to focus on using the stones thrown at her to build their own empires.
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Image credit: Instagram @huddahthebosschick