Huddah Caught Pants Down

Too much photoshop?

By  | Aug 30, 2021, 01:08 PM  | Drama

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Huddah Monroe has just posted a picture with a waist so small, her fans have just about had enough with her and they are telling her off,  but she couldn’t care less.

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Many of us love our influencers. Part of the reason why we fans adore and look up to influencers is because well... many of them quite literally embody the lives and the values fans wish they had! They influence fans by inspiring them to be better -better livelihood, better mental health, better bodily health, better body. Influencers live the lives that the influenced wish they did. Until they overdo it and the influenced feel duped.

Huddah Monroe has always been the dashing skinny-thick beauty that shot to the top of the showbiz totem pole when she began dating Prezzo and started posting a whole lot more of her bodacious behind back when Influencers started becoming a thing and made a solid name for herself.

Her trip to Dubai however, has been entirely transforming, and we mean entirely. It is clear that for the people that thought Huddah was going to stay the same 'mshamba' girl that she was while still new in the industry, she has made a point to highlight that she is changing, and the change is not superficial... But they don't seem to like it.

Many people that know her already know about her tiny waist, but the picture she uploaded today on her Instagram timeline has her fans shaking their heads in disapproval because well, her waist appears to be too small for them to believe that she has not photoshopped the picture. Huddah took to Instagram, posting a picture of herself in a bikini sitting on a poolside lounge chair with a waist that looked so small, she could pop right in half!

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The picture in itself is aesthetically pleasing, but the comments were not as enthusiastic. Many of the people in her comment section began saying that this was now too much, others started talking of the 'badly done' photoshop game, others asking who her plastic surgeon is and if they could get hooked up, and others even began poking at her internal organs asking her if she had a stomach and liver!

Huddah seemed to take all of this well, replying to many of the comments, instructing them to look for her waist on her bio and to also shop on her store, and even laughing along with her haters, clearly confident in herself.

It is no secret that celebrities in Kenya have started delving into Plastic Surgery to fit into societies’ beauty standards with some like Risper Faith undergoing a tummy tuck after she became a mother. Huddah was also exposed the other day by Edgar Obare for allegedly getting a boob job, and with the latest developments on her comments, people are asking what else she has been up to in Dubai...

What do you think of her pictures? Does it look as if she had some more work done? If you think she has, should she keep it a secret or does she owe it to her fans to come out?

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