How Zuchu Lost Millions

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By  | Aug 09, 2021, 07:34 AM  | Drama

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Tanzania based song bird Zuhura Othman Soud, popularly known as Zuchu of the hit single, "Sukari" is one of the fastest rising musicians in East Africa, and to some extent, Africa itself. She comes from a musical family, her mother being the famous Hadija Kopa, who is a very big deal in Tanzania.

As soon as she popped up in the music industry, Diamond Platnumz did not waste any time in signing her to his world famous record label, Wasafi Records. She has since then been releasing one song after the other and they all do well on the charts.

Wasafi Record's Zuchu and her manager, Sallam SK recently turned down a huge endorsement deal worth millions of shillings with a certain breweries company (which shall remain unnamed). The said deal would have changed her life and is was, apparently, retarded money. Millions of shillings.

However, Zuchu would have non of that. Reason, you ask? Religion. Zuchu comes from a strict and very much staunch Muslim family and community and as you well know, alcohol is a taboo in the Sheria Law, which generally governs the Islamic community and culture.

Seeing as she does not partake in alcoholic activities or even take alcohol, Zuchu had to turn down this great deal and honor her Islamic roots. This comes from advice from her mother, Hadija Kopa who lauded her after making this huge life-affecting decision.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, she said,
"If you advertise alcoholic drinks, you must drink yourself, but I do not drink."
She insisted that it would have been very unfair for her to take the deal, when she doesn't even indulge in the particular product itself. She continued to add that she has never taken nor has the desire to ever take alcohol. Tough industry to be in for someone that sober, I'd say. Let's face it, the music, no the entertainment industry in general thrives in the alcoholic scenes.

Her manager however was quick to clarify that it not all lost, as the singer is now a huge deal and therefore charges good money for her shows. He stated that they charge a whooping two million Kenya shillings for every international show she does.
"The world has changed right now, and as the demand for her services goes up, so do the charges. That is why we have been marketing her widely. Right now she charges KSh2 million for shows outside Tanzania,"
he added.
Seems like things will still be going well for the after all.
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