Nandy Explains Why She’s Not Wearing Engagement Ring Anymore


By  | Oct 29, 2020, 12:57 PM  | Drama

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Singer Nady has lost her engagement ring just a few months after her boyfriend went down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.

It's not her fault though.

Nandy, who has been under pressure to confirm why she hasn't been wearing the ring for weeks now, revealed that a fan stole the ring while she was on stage.

"I haven’t worn the ring for some time now because when I was in Tanga for a political campaign, a fan removed it and even removed one of my nails," she said.
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Nandy and her long-time boyfriend, rapper Billnas have been together for years now.

The songbird was super excited after getting the ring and rushed to social media to inform her fans saying:

“Kwanza happy belated birthday mchumba wangu mpenzi!! @billnass Kama nilivyo ikubali hii pete basi nimekubali mazuri na mabaya yako kutoka moyoni hakika wewe ni mwanaume wa maisha yangu you know I love you PY so,” she wrote.

Explaining why their wedding is taking longer than expected, Bill said planning has been difficult especially with this pandemic.

“I planned to marry her even a week after engagement but there have been many challenges including the coronavirus outbreak,” he said.

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