Andrew Kibe Gives Harmonize A Piece Of His Mind

The beginning of the end of his career

By  | Jun 08, 2022, 09:51 AM  | Harmonize  | Drama

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Harmonize recently announced that Frida Kajala is taking over the Konde Ngang Management as the CEO and his personal manager, and people had different opinions about that. While some applauded him for the decision others foresaw doom in the appointment of the actress as the head of the record label.

One of the people who were unimpressed with the move, is none other than Mr. Lambistic himself Andrew Kibe. Knowing Kibe the way we know him this didn't come as a surprise.

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Reacting to the news the Youtuber said that the appointment of Kajala to be the head of the record label marks the beginning of the end of Harmonize's music career and stardom.

Kibe further added that it is highly likely that Kajala is planning her revenge on Harmonize for what he did to her in the past, and is only waiting for the right time to first get hold of everything he has. 

He further likened Harmonize to former politician Danson Mongatana whom he says failed in his political career since he gave women a priority in his life. He also used Ababu Namwamba as another example.

Kibe advised men to leave the relationship if the ladies they are dating catch them cheating, instead of begging for forgiveness. Why? Well according to Kibe if a woman finds out that you have been unfaithful and ask forgiveness and she forgives you, what happens next is that she will dominate you and you will not have the freedom to make decisions as a man. 

He explained this using an example of Terence Creative whom he says cheated on the wife and the wife has since dominated her. 

Kibe has made a name for himself on social media by roasting men who don't portray the masculine frame they ought to have. Out of that he is loved and hated in equal measure.

Harmonize has gotten back with Kajala after weeks of relentlessly begging her to return to him. You could say that right now he is the Happiest Man on earth after she agreed to take him back.

He even went ahead to have a tattoo of Kajala and her daughter Paula on his leg. Well as much as this has been an expression of his affection towards Kajala many people feel that Harmonize has gone overboard. 

Kajala's reconciliation with Harmonize has however come with a price as it is reported that her decision didn't go well with her daughter Paula Kajala who was against the reconciliation. Apparently, the daughter unfollowed the mother after the news of their reconciliation broke. 

It will be remembered that Paula was at the center of the breakup between the two as it was said Harmonize had started shooting his shots toward her while he was still dating the mother. Paula was then dating bongo star Rayvanny. 

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