"Tubakie Tunaimbia Bafuni" Tanzanians Trash Hamisa Mobeto's New Song (Video)

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By  | Nov 24, 2022, 04:47 PM  | Hamisa Mobetto  | Drama

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It is a tough day for Diamond's baby mama Hamisa Mobeto. 

The socialite cum model took o her socials to tease her new song Marua, it is a love song where she is praising her found a lover by saying 'anaenjoy'.

The song starts with Hamisa who is dressed in leaves swinging on trees in what looks like a forest. The scenes later transition to Hamisa riding in a sleek car. The video of the song is well thought out and executed but the Tanzanians seem to have different opinions about her song. Many have trashed her song saying that is not talented.

ed.dy3924: Dada nakuona unapendaa SNA kuimba shoga sauti ya kuimba huna tubakie tunaimbia bafuni kuimba tuachie kina Nandy.wengine tubaki mashabiki jamani

official_senolite_dank_shiru: Dada wewe hujui kuimba kuimba mwachie gigi money na Amber lulu bhana sasa nini hiki 😆😆😆

billivouha: Wacha kuforce huna kipaji dada🙄🙄

ernestjacson: Tanasha dona ND anajua kuimba w achana n kuimba kabemblezee sponsr chumbn

Diamond's baby mamas are all singers except for Zari who is an actress and businesswoman. Zuchu and Tanasha Donna are among the best female singers in East Africa and were both nominated for Afrimma Awards which were worn by Femi One.

Diamond however said that he only loves one woman who is Zari, he, however, loves Zuchu. Hamisa has never been in the picture. She is rumored to be dating American rapper Rick Ross.

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Hamisa Mobetto And Rick Ross Confirm Dating Rumors
Tanzania socialite and Diamond's baby mama Hamisa Mobetto has been confirmed to be dating American Hip hop artist Rick Ross.

This does not come as a surprise to many seeing that the two have been giving their fans all the signs that there could be something going on between them.

The revelation came through Insta live where Hamisa asked the American to answer the question the fans have been asking for a long time and without hesitation, Rick Ross said he and Hamisa are dating. he said Hamisa is his.

The socialite went further to tell the hip-hop artist that the parents are waiting for him to take the bride price so that they can be officially married. A few days ago Hamisa revealed that a suitor had offered her parents 10 million as the bride price. Could Ross be the suitor she has been referring to?

She revealed that the hip-hop artist has been in communication with her parents.

In the past Hamisa has been denying dating rumors with Rick Ross arguing that they are just close friends. The rumors sparked from a past video that appeared online with the two in a club in Dubai being cozy all over each other.

In a past interview, Hamisa narrated that the two met through an ambassadorial job they have been doing for an alcoholic drink. Over time Rick Ross and Hamisa have been constantly flirting with each other fuelling the dating rumors even more.


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