Hamisa Laughs At Haters' Faces

"Shut Your Mouths Up!"

By  | Jul 10, 2021, 09:46 PM  | Hamisa Mobetto  | Drama

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Being a figureliscious beauty queen admittedly comes with a lot of pressure when it comes to proving that you're smart too and have some kind of talent that supersedes your standard of looks!
For Hamisa, it seemed like that day was today because she decided that she was going to prove to her fans and haters that she would pursue a strong career in music. and it seems like things are already going pretty wrong for the lassie.

Yesterday, Hamisa took to her Instagram to finally announce the launch of a project that she said she had been working on the past few months!
Turned out, that project was a song going by the title 'Ex Wangu', was one that people were not that fond of...
'Ex Wangu' is a song about a woman that addresses the woman that her ex-boyfriend is currently dating. The song, which starts rather lightly, suddenly jumps into deep issues like the fact that her ex keeps calling her phone, even when he is dating somebody new, This ex keeps telling her he wants her back in his life and she tells the new girlfriend that she must accept that these days each man has two women and that no matter what this new girl does, she will never stop associating with her man...
After reading that, you might have a better clue as to why people are not that big fans of the nature of the new music she seems to be pulling out.

As expected, the song received very many views within a day -possibly because Hamisa shakes her behind quite vigorously in the video and many people seem to want to see that, but another more feasible reason was that her song seemed to speak loudly and proudly about the fact that a man should be allowed to cheat int this time and age. Saying that she wouldn't mind her exes advances, but she needs to put him on a tighter leash.
Well, Hamisa took to her instgram account to let the haters know that she did not care what anyone thought of her new song, telling them to shut up and click the link on her Bio, and to stop being so mad!
On her Instagram, she said;
"hamisamobettoNaskia kuna watu wanaangalia hii video huko youtube hukuu wamekunja sura 🤣🤣🤣
Punguzeni makasiriko 🤪

#exwangu remix pamoja na @senetakilaka_
Bonyeza link kwenye bio yangu ☝🏼
#exwangu #exwanguremix #exwanguchallenge"
At half a million in just a day, clearly, Hamisa is going to be going places with her new musical career. 
She has been rumoured to be dating Rick Ross, many are thinking that she is using this opportunity to burrow be her way to the top, getting signed on Maybach Music almost immediately. Which, you must admit, would be a win for her. 
Rumours are that he has taken her to Dubai for a shopping trip.
For now, her song is trending majorly for its controversial reasons but she says she does not care.

What do you think if Hamisa's new song Smash hit or drop it?
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