Good Husbands Are Not Always In Church- Milly Wa Jesus

Character development is everywhere

By  | Feb 22, 2023, 04:07 PM  | Drama

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Content creator and influencer Milly Wa Jesus has advised ladies not to rely on just brothers from the church when they are looking for partners in marriage. The influencer has said that not all that glitters is gold giving her personal story of how she experienced character development after dating a man in the church.

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“I have dated a man who was deep in church before lakini Ile character development nilipata sijawai sahau. Please pray and seek God when the time comes for you to settle down. He shall fulfill the desires of your heart when the time comes,” she explained.
Milly has been married to her content creator husband Kabi wa Jesus for over five years now. The couple celebrated their anniversary a few months ago.

In a recent interview, Milly revealed that he met Kabi when she was in form two and it is her then-boyfriend who introduced them. They then went on a few dates before they started dating. The two are already parents of two beautiful kids.

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Kabi and his wife Milly have been internet sensations for years having a big following on social media as well as Youtube. They have been documenting their married life throughout and that has earned them a lot of followers.

They have been known for going the extra mile to express their affection for each other. At the beginning of the year, the couple put on a billboard to announce to their followers that were expecting a baby.

That was not the first time the two were extra on their marital affairs, still, on Kabi's birthday Milly put up a billboard to wish her husband a happy birthday, and as if that was not huge enough, she also gifted him a brand new Audi.
They faced a backlash not too long ago after they posted a video of Milly during the delivery of their secondborn. A lot of people felt that that was overboard and a desperate search for content. The couple was however unbothered.
Their lifestyle has earned them love and hate in equal measure, with many people criticizing them for staging a fake life. On the other hand, it has earned them loyal fans who follow their every activity and move on their social media.

This further brings them brand endorsements and sponsorships worth millions.
On the downside, every little or otherwise mistake becomes the talk of the town and sometimes gets blown out of proportion. For instance, Kabi faced the wrath of netizens when it was realized that they fake scenes in their vlogs to make them appear real.

This one time a video was leaked of the couple using onion to force tears so that it would appear like they were really crying, and netizens were not impressed.

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