GOAT Wives Attack Jovial For Dancing With Rashid Abdalla

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By  | May 12, 2022, 08:50 AM  | Drama

Jovial, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla
Popular singer Jovial has finally come out to reveal that she has been getting attacked by women following a video that showed her dancing with Rashid Abdalla who everyone knows is married to Lulu Hassan.

The video, which Jovial was referring to, was posted by a Twitter user who goes by the name @beth_kasinga. In the video, Rashid who was celebrating his 40th birthday party (which Lulu had planned for him by the way) was in the middle of dancing with Jovial when out of nowhere Lulu came to interrupt their almost-sweet moment together.

Even though the video seemed like the three just having some harmless fun some fans might have taken it seriously and according to Jovial, they came after her on her social media messages. Jovial made this revelation in a post on her Instagram stories which was captured and shared by Nairobi Gossip Club on their Instagram page.

In her post, Jovial notes that people were insulting her because of the trending video while she was just doing her job, and nothing more. We get her point as Jovial is an entertainer and dancing is part of entertaining. So, people ease up on Jovial.

She further added that the reason the haters (mostly women) Were coming after her was that they were hurt in their own relationships and thus they were projecting their hurt toward her. Do you think Jovial has a valid point here? 

Jovial added that Rashid and Lulu are her bosses and thus she has a lot of respect for them and their relationship. She went on to advise the women who were attacking her to go and deal with their own problems, and stop disturbing her.

Just as a parting shot, Jovial noted that she was paid a lot of money for her performance at the birthday and she wasn’t really bothered by what the haters were saying about her.

Jovial is no stranger to being hated on by fans, just recently the Mi Amor singer revealed that she was getting a lot of hate from people who don’t even know her well enough. 

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Jovial took to her Instagram Stories to share a video of her seemingly almost in tears as she advised her followers to stop hating on people unnecessarily. She argued that you might be hating on someone because you think they are receiving more blessings than you.

According to Jovial, just because someone is receiving blessings does not mean that they are not going through tough situations in their life. She noted that all their blessings could be going towards helping a number of people who depend on the person.  She concluded the video by noting that people should love their neighbors as they love themselves. 

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