'My Daughter Won’t Eat A Plate Of Excuses'-Thee Pluto On Why He Work Hard

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By  | Nov 29, 2022, 05:04 PM  | Drama

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Thee Pluto has excited his fans after sharing photos of his younger self to encourage people to work hard.

The content creator and businessman shared photos of his struggling days. He has in the past revealed the hardship he went through to become who he is today. From selling cabbages to becoming one of the most sought-after content creators among the top YouTube Channels in Kenya.

As Thee Pluto confesses, his first job right after he cleared high school, he worked as a Maths and History teacher at a local high school, Bishop Waichere High School, which is located at Mai Mahiu, things got so bad at one point that he ended up selling cabbages at Marikiti Market. 

This happened when he was called to join Actuarial Science at JKUAT (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology) and that is when life started to hit him hard, he even went to the extent of selling shoes and other accessories on the streets.

"Never stop believing. Never stop dreaming. Working hard and putting God closer cause my daughter won’t eat a plate of excuses" He said.

Thee Pluto recently welcomed his second child with his girlfriend Felicity. He has amassed mast wealth from his Youtube Channel and endorsement. He made the headlines after purchasing an expensive car.

How much does he make?

According to Obinna, the content creators need to up their game from buying more efficient equipment to coming up with better scripts for the show.

The comedian argues that the show has become monotonous and to some extent boring due to the tools and equipment as well as boring scripts. 

"So non of these "sanitizing shows" can get a handheld mic, a boom, lapel, or anything?? Must they keep holding that long ugly ass cord with a "lapel" mic at the end moving it from one person to another? You'll get very comfortable out here. Plus the scripting is now too much, LOL," the comedian tweeted.

Thee Pluto responded to him by showing him how much the show earns for him. Fans have rallied behind the chief sanitizer 
One fan has angrily attacked Oga Obinna.

"Bro with all that how many views do you get? How much does youtube pay you? That kamic earns the guy more than kiss radio salary and salary combined with all your investments." Said Chris.

Oga Obinna has been forced to sanitize himself and pretend he was only joking. Here is what he had to say. 

"Na iwake chiefsanitizer.🔥...me ni fan btw that's why I noticed😂. Saw about 5 other people with your concept mpaka the ugly ass mic. Lol." He concluded.

Thee Pluto broke down the number of views he gets on youtube and how much he makes every month. "The long-ass ugly mic got us 130,000,000 views in a year. 10,000,000 views a month as of now and 700,000+ views every 48hrs." He said.

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