‘’You Will Die Poor’’ – Femi One On Living In Kenya

Leave this country

By  | May 29, 2020, 06:17 AM  | Femi One  | Drama

Singer Femi One has no kind words for artists and creative people working and living in Kenya. The artist took to her instagram page to share her frustration with the MCSK and how they continue to treat artists in a very disrespectful way yet the body is meant to support and protect them.

To that effect, Femi One has now advised talented Kenyans among them; Musicians, Photographers, grafitti artists and even footballers not to ever expect getting any value from their  skill and talent if they decide to stay in Kenya. She asks them not to give Kenya the privilege of benefiting from their talent because they do not deserve it and will instead die poor. 

A fuming Femi One reminded them of the never ending stories about legendary footballers and artists who end up pleading for help despite being super talented and successful in their careers.

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She says the Kenyan government does not care about talented youth and should one get a chance to move to a different country they should do so without an ounce of a doubt.

 ‘'Nimeona hii story ya MCSK and this is what I have to say;

Kama wewe ni msee una talent, whether wewe ni footballer,unachora graffiti, musician ama wewe photographer na umepata chance ya kwenda majuu ama country ingine.

Yaani mimi nakubeg as Femi One, tafadhali kusanya virago zako na uende na usiwahi angalia nyjma na usiwahi feel vibaya eti umetoka hii country. Because hii country doesn’t give a f*** about mtu yeyote akona talent.''

Photo Credit: Femi Pinterest