Femi One Utawenza's Music Video Hits 5 Million Views On YouTube

The rapper has denied that Azziad made the song more relevant.

By  | May 11, 2020, 04:59 PM  | Drama

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Popular rapper Femi One, is beaming with pride as the music video for her hit song Utawezana, has reached 5 million views on YouTube. The musician took to Instagram to celebrate her achievement.

Femi asked her fans if she can release another one and many have approved. Some of her fans said she must acknowledge Azziad, who released a Tik Tok video which went viral on social media dancing to the song.

The video captured the hearts of many and some knew her song through the video.
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The singer slammed those who said she must pay Azziad, and said her song was already big at that time Azziad did her video. Despite the negative vibes, Femi One' fans congratulated her on the achievement and said she must definitely release another song.

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