Fans React As Amber Ray Subtly Disses Amira

“Una motivate co_wife ameanza kupika pia”

By  | Jan 07, 2022, 10:31 AM  | Drama

Amber and Amira
The drama that surrounds the love triangle of Jimal, Amber Ray, and Amira is seemingly never-ending. Very rarely a week goes by before one of the three causes havoc in the lives of the others. This time, however, Amber Ray chose the low road as she went after Amira completely unprovoked. 
Jimal’s ex-wife, Amira announced recently that she would be starting a YouTube channel to show among other things her cooking skills and share her kitchen secrets with her fans. In a recent video posted on her Instagram, Amira is promoting her YouTube Channel when one fan notes that it seems as if Amira has inspired her “co-wife” Amber Ray to start cooking as well.
One fan took the time to remind others that Amira has no co-wife as she recently divorced Jimal, following his continued affair with Amber Ray. Amira actually announced she was getting a divorce during Amber Ray’s birthday when Jimal posted the socialite on his page and showered her with love. (Read the full story here.)
Following Amira announcing her new venture, whereby she has forrayed into YouTube to start a cooking show, Amber Ray took the time to throw some shade at her former co-wife by sharing a petty video on her Instagram stories. 
The video which has since disappeared in accordance with Instagram rules, showed Amber Ray cooking some delicious-looking food in the kitchen with a caption noting that since she can cook she should also start a cooking channel. 

Even though the video with the caption vanished, Amber shared the video on her feed, whereby she showed that Amira isn’t the only one who knows her way around the kitchen. Amber’s fans were quick to notice that she was throwing shade at Amira as one even noted that she should open a YouTube page as well.
These two have been in each other’s bad books ever since Amber Ray started dating Amira’s husband (at the time)  Jimal after she was dumped by Brown Mauzo. This all happened a little over a year ago and the three have been in a rollercoaster ride of a relationship ever since.
Do you think that Amber was truly throwing shade at Amira? Could this just have been a coincidence? Will Amber ever get her YouTube channel going? These are just some of the questions running through our minds, but we are sure time will answer all these questions in due course. Just keep it tuned on Kelebrity to find out. 
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