Even Basketmouth Can't Do What I have Done!-Eric Omondi Brags

Eric Omondi Speaks On His Career So Far

By  | Aug 10, 2021, 06:22 AM  | Drama

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Eric Omondi's career is at the pinnacle right now. 2020 and 2021 have been the years that he has tried to break from the Kenyan comedy mold and become an African superstar.

And how has that been going for him so far? Excellently if I do say so myself. In a recent interview I had with Eric, the man confided in me that he wasn't yet done, telling me how proud he was with the year he had had.

"I am going for a show next week in Mwanza, Arusha and Dodoma," he started. The best part of his year so far had been making history in Tanzania.

"I was the first comedian in Africa to fill a stadium in a foreign country, It has never happened and it will never happen. Ati Mnigeria aende to a foreign market na ajaze huko? Sioni!(That a Nigerian should go to a foreign stadium and fill it, I don't see that happening!"

There were Nigerian artists like Basketmouth who I believed could do what Eric had just done in Tanzania and I asked him whether he concurred.

He refuted that statement with a simple and succinct answer. "It will never happen," he said.

Did Eric aspire to also go past the African market as Trevor Noah had done before him? He told me that what Trevor did was a different ask and goal, building from scratch.

"America is a different market. You have to go and start from scratch. Create the networks. Exactly what Trevor Noah did. He left S.A, you have to go and network, meet people. make appearances, create rapport. It's a whole different industry. You must start slowly."

The comedian also spoke on the fitness and gym journey that he has started last year telling me,

"I just left the gym right now. That's why I sound tired. I am officially back in the gym now. Sasa ni kuenda kuenda mpaka mwisho."

How was his love life going and did he have any checklist for a potential wife? The funnyman said he was looking for a wife but took the opportunity to plug his show, "Wife Material" season 3.

He said that he would get a wife from there and that the woman fans voted for would become his wife.

"I am still looking for a wife. Bado sijampata. I have been looking for a wife. We are going to season 3 in September. Lazima nipate bibi."

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