Konshens Puts Bounty On Eric Omondi’s Head

This might not be so funny

By  | Dec 01, 2021, 05:04 AM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

Eric Omondi and Konshens
Eric Omondi and Konshens have been going back and forth on social media ever since the comedian posted the Dancehall artist on his page and went on a rant about the poor state of Kenya’s music industry.

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It seems Konshens has finally had enough of the comedian’s antics and has put a bounty out on him. Eric shared the revelation on his Instagram page. He posted a picture of Konshens’ message which pointed out that he was ready to give one lucky fun the opportunity to perform on stage and a Kshs 50k reward if they could come up with a diss song attacking Eric.

Eric captioned the post with a threat of his own. The comedian noted that Kshs 50k was too little, and note that he will be releasing his full diss track titled, Hold My Beer, in a bid to end the legendary artist’s career.

How did we get here 

As earlier mentioned, this all started with a rant in which Eric pointed out that the fact international artists are streaming into Kenya to perform, while local artists make appearances as curtain-raisers, was a bad look for the music industry. 

Eric used Konshens as an example in his rant. Upon getting wind of this, Konshens responded with a well-thought-out message, noting that he is willing to sit down with Eric and talk about the issue in a bid to understand it better.

Konshens went to the studio and made a song, in this song he name-dropped Eric Omondi in one bar. One bar was enough for Eric to officially launch his music career. Eric responded to this by saying he was set to drop a career-ending diss track aimed at Konshens.

Konshens then responded to Eric noting that the bar wasn’t even a diss track but instead was just a fun and witty line. He went on to wonder why the comedian couldn’t take a joke.

Eric saw this as a sign of surrender, as in a follow-up post he called on the artist not to get scared and that he was already in the studio working on the song.

Enter Hold My Beer

As he often does, Eric Omondi followed through on his threat. The star went to the studio and recorded the Hold My Beer diss track he, however, shared a snippet of the song and noted that it was only a warning.

With Konshens responding with a bounty, Eric noted that he is set to release the full version of his track. However, the star called on fans to help him release his song by participating in a, hold my beer  Internet challenge, after which he would release the song.
Will you be participating in the challenge?   

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