Eric Omondi, Willy Paul Fight Over The P

Top stars in epic war of words

By  | Nov 22, 2021, 12:48 PM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

Willy Paul and Queen P vs Eric Omondi and Miss P
Top Kenyan artists, Willy Paul and Eric Omondi got into a war of words over who between Queen P and Miss P is the better artist. The war of words escalated into abuse from both stars as they aired out their frustrations.

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Willy Paul started the war as he responded to Eric Omondi’s Instagram post. The reason why Pose was triggered by the comedian was that he had posted Willy Paul's new music video with his latest music artist, Queen P.

Eric proceeded to downrate the artists’ work in his caption. The comedian noted that the work lacked originality as there was only one ‘P’ referring to his friend and recent frequent collaborator Miss P, and in the same breath dissing Willy Paul's latest signee.

Willy Paul took offense to what Eric had posted as he responded to the post with abuse and furry. The singer insinuated that Eric was defending Miss P as they are sleeping together. He further noted that he was the one who gave Miss P her big break and helped her become famous as she was signed under his record label until legal issues forced them to go their separate ways.   
The Saldido International boss went on to tell Eric, who has been trying to make inroads within the music industry, to concentrate on his comedy, and leave the music industry to the artist. Willy Paul further noted that Eric hasn’t had anything funny to say in years and should just give up on the entertainment industry as a whole.

Predictably Eric responded to Willy Paul's message, the comedian noted that the main problem with Kenya music artists is that they are too proud to take criticism aimed at helping them improve their crafts.

He further noted that Willy Paul was the biggest philanderer of all as he enters into sexual relationships with all manner of women without any care of who they are. 

This reaction from Willy Paul, though dramatic, was a bit expected. The star and Miss P had fallen out due to an ongoing legal battle. Eric Omondi chose to align himself with Miss P in a bid to help her in her career. 
Willy Paul hasn’t been feeling the relationship between Eric and Miss P, and it seems that Eric posting his new song was the straw that broke the camel's back. What’s your take on this? Do you think Willy Paul is overacting or is Eric Omondi wrong for what he did? 

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