Eric Omondi Vs Shakilla Gets Heated

Eric exposes Shakilla's lies and nasty behaviour during 'Wife Material'.

By  | Nov 25, 2022, 10:26 AM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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Eric Omondi has revealed that he didn't have sex with any of the girls featured on his hit YouTube reality series Wife Material. But only one of them tried to force themselves on him, and that was Shakilla.

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Speaking with Wambea 254 radio host Ankali Ray, the comedian went in on Shakilla and exposed her true colours. "Shakilla pale kwenye ile nyumba, alikuwa na tabia mbaya sana. Ukiuliza msichana yoyote ata ukiwauliza leo, watafungua roho- Shakilla alikuwa ananifuata sana kwenye room."

Eric was responding to claims made by Shakilla that she wasn't paid for a recent promo shoot she did with Eric's alter ego Divalicious. The viral video which dropped in August got Eric trending for all the wrong reasons because of his knack for cross-dressing. He even got into a major spat with fellow comedian Oga Obinna and his radio co-host Kamene Goro about the whole thing.

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According to Shakilla, she wasn't paid for that video which garnered over 100,000 views. She accused Eric of conning her twice with the Wife Material project as well as the Divalicious project. But Eric has come out to confirm that he paid Shakilla Ksh 18,000 in cash at the venue of the Divalicious shoot.

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Shakilla busted faking Mpesa balance
Fresh from her DM controversy with Andrew Kibe, Shakilla is back at it again. The socialite has now been caught flaunting a fake Mpesa balance thanks to a tiny typo that she overlooked.

Shakilla though she had set social media goals when she shared a screenshot of her Mpesa balance which was supposedly at nearly Ksh 300,000 after she had been sent over Ksh 230,000 by a man with a Nigerian sounding name.

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But eagle-eyed observers caught one tiny problem with her message. The casing of one letter did not match the rest, which is unlike a genuine Mpesa message from Safaricom. It's clear that the message was an edited fake, which led to Shakilla taking it down from her social media. But not before Instagram gossip page Buzzroom Kenya captured a screenshot of the damning evidence of her poorly photoshopped clout-chasing message.

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"Puny a$$ lambistic"
Days after socialite Shakilla put Andrew Kibe on blast for sliding into her DMs, Kibe re-published a video of her masturbating with a remote control for an online audience in exchange for money at the height of the Xtian Dela's notorious 'Club Covid' Instagram live shows.
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Kibe had earlier responded to Shakilla's DM claims saying that the chat happened back in 2020 when he was at Kiss FM and it was Shakilla who had started it after mentioning him in one of her stories.

Kibe said Shakilla deliberately refused to explain the context of the chat just to make it appear like he was desperate to get in her pants.
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