Eric Omondi Shades Bien Of Sautisol Over Event Poster

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By  | Jul 04, 2022, 05:32 PM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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Comedian Eric Omondi has come up against Bien Baraza of Sautisol over an event poster that he posted on his Instagram page. The comedian on Sunday, July 3, threw shade at the Sautisol lead singer by reminding him of his bald head.

"Nimeskia wenye hii event wanataka kuweka ma BILLBOARDS Please hakikisheni mumeweka Kipara Ngoto Katikati na mumeweka Picha yake Kubwa," Eric Omondi said pointing out Bien's bald hairstyle.

The two have been having regular online wars with this being one among many instances that Eric and Bien have gone at each other over body features and the entertainment industry.

The comedian also stressed that Bien's image should be the point of attention and placed at the center of the poster. He emphasized that he was the bigger artist on the poster and therefore deserved to be respected by having a larger image presence on it.

Eric Omondi also went ahead to shade the event organizers of the event that is set to happen on the 23rd of July at the Ngong Racecourse. The comedian noted that it was about time Kenyan artists got respected in their own turf.

" Alafu hakikisheni Huyo Mnaija a Curtain Raisie Mkenya. We MUST Continually Lift and Support our own!!! This is A PRESIDENTIAL ORDER!!! It is LAW!!! Otherwise ile ngori ntaleta hata Russia hawawezani," he continued.

The comedian mentioned that Nigerian Afropop star Mayorkun did not deserve to be the center of attention on the poster. He noted that the singer was not bigger than Sautisol's Bien and therefore was supposed to curtain-raise for the 'Bald men anthem' hitmaker.

"23rd I'll be in Dubai but I'll be following KEENLY!!!" Eric Omondi continued by saying that he would be watching closely in case things don't go as he has requested.

Eric Omondi is no stranger to defending the Kenyan entertainment scene, especially fighting for the rights of artists. The comedian has always been at the forefront of activism when it comes to defending Kenyan creatives.

In November of 2021, the comedian went up against Jamaican artist Kranium over sentiments he made online. According to Nairobi News, the Jamaican artists had simply posted 'Big Up Kenya' which to Eric Omondi meant that he was planning to visit the country.

"So this Rusted, Dusted and Washed up Kranium guy like any other Jamaican artiste treats Kenya like his Toilet. The arrogance in his tone and tweet suggests that he can walk in and out of Kenya at will. My issue and concern is there are 52 African nations but Kenya seems to be the easiest destination to make quick cash. Trust me he cannot tweet such nonsense on Nigeria, South Africa or Even Tanzania. Ati "I never said I was coming yet, see you soon" Hata no one has invited him, he is just broke and wondering how he can make some quick cash, Of course, Kenya. But it's okay we are fixing it," Eric posted.

The comedian slammed the Jamaican artist over wanting to perform in Kenya while local artists were not getting the same platform.
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