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By  | Jan 11, 2021, 10:48 AM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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There is intense smoke being amplified to be a fire in the Eric Omondi's house. The comedian who recently ended his reality show with a wedding is being accused by one of his contestants of using her and the other girls.

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The lady in question is Shila, the girl was one of the wife material contestants on the show. She is alleging that Eric used them and did not pay them a dime. 

She revealed to blogger Edgar Obare that she is suffering and needs help urgently. Shila disclosed some information to Edgar that is shocking to say the least. 

She allegedly claimed that before the show, she had met Eric, through his personal assistant. She claims she and Eric hooked up because she was a call girl. She also alleged that after meeting Eric on the show, she reminded him of their night together, to which he laughed off.

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The lady is talking non-stop. She also alleges that she talked with singer Ringtone and they met up, but things did not go as planned. She allegedly went to Ringtones house, thinking she would get help like her friend and co-contestant Mwikali. Instead, she alleges that Ringtone took advantage of her. It is not clear whether Ringtone slept with her or not.

Shila also claims that the show was a hoax, she claims that Eric had started sleeping with Carol and this made the other girls feel used and cheated.
According to the messages, she claims that the votes were also rigged and that Kemunto would have won if truly the fans were the ones voting for the winner.

According to her Instagram, she shared a picture of her in hospital, prompting netizens to deduce that it is in deed her who was sharing gossip to Edgar Obare.

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Shila had previously stated that none of the girls had any relations with Eric while filming the show, she however, has now changed her story.

With all the clout chasing going on with Eric’s girls, it is not clear who is being truthful. Two of the contestants, Shakilla and Bebe Shazy are claiming to be pregnant for the comedian.

Shakila also alllegedly reached out to Edgar but chickened out after.
Was Eric using and dumping these girls? Did he really impregnate the two? Was the wedding all part of a script? These are all questions in fans minds that in due time will be answered. The ladies will come out one at a time sharing their experiences.

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