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KES 141 million house

By  | Oct 01, 2021, 06:12 PM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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Eric Omondi has responded to the critics with the actual receipts and this is why you should probably put some respect on his name after this!

Eric Omondi has just taken to his Instagram to reveal that the house people had accused him of lying about was in fact his –and he had receipts this time! On his Instagram, Eric posted a reel of himself outside the premises that he called the ‘Official Residence President of Comedy Africa’ and explained a whole deal of what the people had been speculating about.

Sited in front of the house, Eric produced a bag full of important documents, one of which was the title deeds to the premises, and the date he bought the house which was the seventh. He explained that he had been in the industry for fourteen years now and had worked his butt off during that time, so this house was in fact not that much of a big deal. Eric even continued to compare himself to American comedian superstar Kevin Hart, saying that he had five houses in the US, and as such we shouldn’t have exaggerated the issues about the home, since he probably had plans to buy other homes saying that one day he would buy 10 houses!

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Eric Omondi’s whole point in the video was to advise people that didn’t believe that a comedian could buy a house, let alone a mansion in Karen. He said rather aggressively, that the only reason he was where he was is that he worked very hard for very long. 

The home had been subject to some controversy yesterday evening when some people came out with info about the house, revealing that it was just an Airbnb called Clemsa House that had already had a big number of visitors (people came for Eric here, because well, the house was not exactly brand new, if you catch our drift).

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Eric did not refute these claims. Instead, he said that he was rarely at the house, and could be used as an Airbnb for the meantime, and even put in an offer of KES 75,000 a day but that was until the 19th of this month when he would be officially moving in. 

The truth is, it is because he has been in numerous commercials, produced tons of hilarious videos (remember the parody video making sun of s*x scenes in moves that went viral in the USA and even got posted by Viola Davis from How To Get Away With Murder and Snoop Dogg? Iconic.), advertisements, and the general fact that Eric refuses to become invisible to the public is the reason why everybody and their mama probably knows his name.

The house is said to have gone for a whopping 141 million Kenyan shillings, impressive.

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