Eric Omondi Is At It Again

Huyu atafanyiwa nini sasa?

By  | May 04, 2022, 11:08 AM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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Self proclaimed president of comedy in East Africa Eric Omondi has yet again taken to his Instagram stories in a rant that is leaving more questions than answers.

It has always been known that the comedian is not one to shy away from blowing his own trumpet, but clearly he has taken this too far even for him. 

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This is after he wrote saying that, “Eric Omondi is like the oxygen around you. You can’t live without it, you cannot avoid it. You can only love or hate him.” 

It is not clear what may have triggered this rant but clearly the man is feeling himself yet again and at this point in time, fans and netizens must be already tired of him. 


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The last time he took to his Insta stories in a similar rant was when he decided to announce to his fans that he was taking a break from the industry. 

Not only that, he also went ahead to add that he knew for a fact that the entertainment industry would suffer greatly now that he will be on a hiatus. 

According to the comedian, he is the only one carrying the industry, maintaining that when he goes quiet so will the entire industry. 

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This was just a few days before he and Tanzanian singer Harmonize got themselves in some hot soup after they angered fans during an event at a local joint in Nairobi. 

Apparently the two were paid for an hour- long performance but only performed for a minute after which fans decided to cause a riot at the whole drama of it all. 

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Just when we thought the drama would end, Harmonize would be detained later on in order to give a statement of what exactly happened before the riot ensued. 

Erico would later give an explanation saying that Kondeboy was not meant to perform that night and that he was only scheduled to do a club performance and that's all. 

It was fans who had wanted a much longer performance and when that did not happen, they decided violence was the only way. 

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To add salt to the injury Harmonize turned against Erico saying that the comedian had been getting money from promoters promising them a Kondeboy performance when he himself did not know. 

This was the reason as to why he also allegedly punched Erico while at the police station, minutes before Mike Sonko arrived to release Harmonize from the police cell. 

The long holiday definitely did come with some top tier drama from these two to keep us entertained, and honestly we're not complaining. 

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