Eric Omondi Invites Edgar Obare To Karen Mansion

Edgar: "That's all?"

By  | Oct 06, 2021, 04:07 PM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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Eric Omondi has taken to his Instagram to challenge Edgar Obare to a one on one showdown on the 19th of this month and fans are losing their minds over it!

After a series of exposes about his supposedly newly purchased Karen house by Edgar Obare’s battalion, Eric Omondi did what he knows how to do best –he went on his social media and gave Edgar Obare an all-access pass to his brand new mansion, arms open wide! 

The video, (which, by the way, who takes these?) was of Eric walking down a luxurious looking staircase down into his main living area, where he sat, then spoke directly to the cameras, saying that he had sent the location to his Karen house, inviting him to be the very first person to a housewarming party, where they will be actually drinking real tea.

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All this, by the way, was going to be before they took a drive to Upperhill to ‘visit the ministry of lands’ and have a ‘small chat’ with them.

In the video, which was oddly humorous (I mean, what Eric Omondi video isn’t), Eric also talked about how he had just spoken to his mother about ‘cultivating a culture of faith and success’ before proceeding to talk about the major event he is planning to launch on the 19th of this month, which Edgar must surely be invited to as well?

All of the digital roughhousing began when Edgar, now working from his other Instagram channel BNN, posted some messages that his followers had DMed him about the house that Eric Omondi said he had bought for KES 144 million. Eric had posted a video of himself producing the title deed to the house as confirmation to the rumour that he lied about purchasing it (that Edgar had also whistle blown on).

According to his people, the title deed Eric had produced was fake, and did not in fact symbolize any ownership to that house! And the internet went aflame, yet again.

Well, Edgar did not come today, but guess who did? The Member of Parliament to Starehe Constituency and former musician Jaguar and the highly controversial Member of Parliament Embakasi East Babu Owino among other dignitaries.

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From the looks of it, Eric was having a political party (pun intended) at his house, and if Edgar had gone, it might not have been too pleasant for him.

Edgar responded to the video Eric posted later today asking if that was what Eric wanted him to attend to and his followers were not behind.


Shakilla, Eric Omondi’s ex-girlfriend also commented ” THE AUDACITY”
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