Eric Omondi Fires Back At Avril

2021 ni ya matusi na vita

By  | Jan 10, 2021, 07:40 AM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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Eric Omondi is becoming more and more prideful. The self-proclaimed king of comedy Africa is hitting at all Kenyan musicians daring them to remove him from the top trending spot. 

Ever since his Wife Material show started airing, Eric has been trending at the top. His wedding video is still at the number one spot.

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With this success, pride has come in the way and Eric just can’t keep calm. In a long prideful post he wrote to all musicians saying;

“WARNING TO ALL KENYAN MUSICIANS⚠️!!!! We (COMEDY) are officially taking the steering wheel. WE ARE NOW IN CONTROL!!! WE WILL LEAD AS YOU FOLLOW!!! My Video has been TRENDING at number ONE for 5 DAYS in a row!!! And this is going to be the TREND for the rest of the years to come.Naona @bahatikenya aki STRAGOOO hapo chini yangu at number 2 anajaribu kuingia number one but nampiga tu MANGOTOOO...Sioni @khaligraph_jones anywhere on the whole trending list ni MDOMO tu mingi...@sautisol nikama walioa wote @willy.paul.msafi nitafute niku advise bro...@ringtoneapoko ni Chokoraa man'gaa, Msanii chapashtua POKO Chairman ya MALAYA wote Kenya. I am calling upon all COMEDIANS to rise up...IT IS OUR TIME!!! WE ARE RUNNING THIS CITY!!!”

He called out Khaligraph Jones, Bahati, Willy Paul, Sauti Sol and Ringtone. He said they are all weak and washed up. 

This post got a lot of comments from celebs and fans. One celeb in particular did not find the post as interesting. Singer Avril went on to reply with her own dis saying;

“So long as you don't keep saying the same jokes we are okay with you trending”

This reply got Eric fumed up. He hit back at her in the most iconic way. Eric called her a ‘former musician’, talk about shade. This one is a big whole forest of shade being thrown at the singer.
Well, Avril has not released any new hits since last year, the likes of Tanasha Donna, Sanaipei Tande and Nadia Mukami have been holding down the females through out. 

It may be time for Avril to quit calling herself a musician cause as Eric put it she is now a former.

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