Eric Omondi Finishes Andrew Kibe

The audacity

By  | Sep 24, 2021, 12:01 PM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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Eric Omondi has just packed a hefty punch for Andrew Kibe and… it’s pretty gnarly, I tell you.

Eric Omondi took the internet by storm today morning with a clap back aimed at Andrew Kibe that was so savage, it literally started trending. The clap back, which was a response to a post Andrew Kibe made, wasn’t just surprising, it was downright savage!

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Andrew Kibe had made a post on his online program The Andrew Kibe Show talking about men feminizing themselves for clout. Here, he made a direct jab at Eric Omondi for applying makeup during one of the campaign videos that he has been doing for Jimmy Wanjigi, in order to get more women on his side. He continued by saying that If Eric Omondi wanted to get acquainted with more women and to respond to their campaign, he shouldn’t have to apply makeup. He said that women respond to strength in a man and not the kind of comedy that Eric was doing. He went on to say that Eric needed to move out of the country if he was, in a word, transgendered because he was not giving a good example to the children.

He then called him Erica Amondi, and told him to sit the heck down! Yeesh.

On the post, which he later transferred to Instagram, he captioned it 

‘Salimia Erica Amondi Ukimwona…’

This was heavy, even for Andrew Kibe.

Eric Omondi did not take this well. And he took the brewing beef a hefty step further.

He took to his Instagram and posted a caption so sharp and deadly, Andrew, who is known for his clap backs, literally has not responded yet.

In the post, Eric began by telling him that this was going to be his first and last warning, and told him that if he continued berating him he was going to do some rather ungodly things to his sisters and cousins! And to add salt to the injury, he was going to follow Andrew into America and do some X-rated things to him as well! He then finished by quoting ‘#PutSomeRespectOnThePresidentsName. Piercing.

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Eric’s response took the net by storm, many people were surprised that a man who we all know and love as wholesome could come to social media and talk so uncouthly! His comment section quickly filled with hundreds of comments, many of them dying of laughter at the tackle, some in shock, others feeling second-hand embarrassment for Andrew Kibe (a pillar of manhood in these Twitter streets) and others coming to his defence sprinkled with some homophobia because of the things Eric supposedly wanted to do to Andy.

Eric has been keen on Billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi’s campaign over the past few months. Throughout this, he’s made it more than clear that he is willing to do almost anything to put Jimmy in that presidential seat, and in some ways has turned himself into his sole campaign ambassador. 

He just got a Chrysler for it, so he might not be stopping any time soon. Still, what a response.


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