Eric Omondi Demands DNA Test

I only had one night stand with Jacque Maribe

By  | Nov 02, 2021, 09:31 PM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

Eric Omondi
The self-proclaimed, President of Comedy Africa, Eric Omondi, has claimed that he isn’t sure whether Zahari is his son.

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7 years after the birth of his and Jacque Maribe’s son, Eric Omondi has claimed that he does not fully take care of the child because he has never been one hundred percent sure he is his.

The comedian took to his Instagram to share these claims with Kenyans, who have been following his and Jacque Maribe’s drama as it unfolds.

The drama was started when Eric posted a photo with singer Miss P, in which he claimed that the two were expecting and he was ready to take on the responsibility Jacque took note of this and insinuated that Eric was a deadbeat, this led to a very dramatic week for the ex-lovers as they have been the hot topic since.

It seems the pressure has taken its toll on the comedian as he came out with this big revelation. In his post, Eric noted that they met in 2012 at Radio Africa. He noted that after a random staff party, where both of them had overindulged in a heavy night of drinking they went ahead and shared “a one-night stand”.

Eric added that Jacque was at the time dating KTN's Sam Ogina, and so they used protection. According to the comedian, Jacque then informed him that she was pregnant two months after their night together. Eric notes that he was left wondering how she was pregnant, upon asking her this   Eric notes that she said, “It doesn't matter the mother always knows who the Father is and that I am the Father!!! 

It seems that this tea was too hot for Eric to hold on to. He went on to describe their relationship during the pregnancy, he noted that they barely saw each other, only for Jacque to call 4 months after the baby was born. It turns out she had called to ask Eric if he would help or be part of the baby's life. 

Eric added that he went ahead to ask her for a DNA test so that he could comfortably be part of the baby's life and support him fully

“She got very offended and Refused my request. For 7 seven years I have begged Jacque to allow us have a DNA Test and she has CONTINUALLY refused!!! I dont mind supporting the child but if you want me to be FULLY PRESENT and SUPPORTIVE, if you Want me to be a FATHER. Then we have to do the RIGHT THING”. Eric concluded his statement.

So, is Eric still the bad guy in the situation? Is seven years a long time to wait and ask for a DNA test again?   

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