"Entertainment Is Dead Without Me"

Eric Omondi blasts boring showbiz scene.

By  | Jul 01, 2022, 09:00 AM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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The self-proclaimed presidente, Eric Omondi has made a bold claim about how much the Kenyan entertainment industry needs him.

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The comedian who has recently been on a whirlwind tour all over the world- from Egypt to Qatar to Rwanda- went on a rant on Instagram noting that the showbiz scene has been 'dead' all of 2022.

The controversial comedian who has been a loud advocate for consuming local entertainment had this to say on his Instagram stories:

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The ENTIRE Entertainment industry is dead Silent!!! There is absolutely Nothing going on, no Music, No Entertainment, NOTHING!!! All this because the PRESIDENT is on break. I took my small break just to prove this point. I CARRY THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY ON MY BACK and that's on Periodt!!!
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Eric has been outspoken about the entertainment industry for the last couple of years. This has led to a long-running beef between himself and Sauti Sol lead singer Bien, who has termed Eric as a self-serving nuisance who does not see the progress being made in local showbiz.

Inspired by his newfound mission as the saviour of Kenyan entertainment, Eric recently came with his version of 10 commandments which was inspired by his tour of the Biblical Mount Sinai while he was in Egypt. And at No.9, he only labelled it "Bien".

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Speaking on the Eve Mungai channel, Eric explained his decision to include "Bien": "Bien ni msumbufu. Bien is a cancer, he's a tumor in the industry. Bien ni monkeypox-- ushawai umwa na kitu mahali huwezi kujikuna? Eh... Bien ni mbu. Bien ni kiroboto."

Continuing on his latest rant and brag about carrying the industry, Eric again posted an exchange he had with DJ Exclusive who disputed his take. "Wewe tu ndio unaona hivyo, watu wako kazi," the DJ said, to which Eric responded saying, "Wako kazi wapi? Kwa nini hatuwaoni na hatuwaski."

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Exclusive went on to mention a slew of artistes who are currently popping including Wakadinali, Femi One and Sauti Sol too. To which Eric snapped back saying, "Bro you are not getting my point. You are just naming artists. The last Kenyan hits are Mbwe Mbwe and that Subaru ya Mambaru by Wakadinali and those were released last year. You know what I mean bro. The INDUSTRY is DEAD and asleep, as in ther is no wave of any kind like in terms of showbiz or HITS. It's redundant and FLAT. Hakuna new trends or sounds."

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Eric ended with a promise to breathe life into the industry when he returns from tour in September.
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