Eric Omondi revives The Gay Question

Is he?

By  | Aug 03, 2022, 04:44 PM  | Drama

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It has only been a day since the self-proclaimed president of comedy Eric Omondi premiered his new show Divalicious. Unlike other shows, the comedian came in cladded just like a diva, something that has had Kenyans talking all over social media.

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The most featured question in all those discussions was if there is something Eric Omondi is not telling us, or if there is something he is trying to tell us about himself. You will note that this is not the first time Eric Omondi has come out cross-dressed and the habit has become more frequent prompting his followers to question his sexuality.

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His fans appear to be sharply divided between the entertainment aspect of his art and his sexuality. Eric is however in a relationship with a lady by the name of Lynne but some feel, that is not enough to convince them that he is straight.

He joins other notable personalities who have also left their fans with more questions than answers concerning their sexuality. The most famous of these is Tiktok cross-dresser Kinuthia. Kinuthia has over and over again avoided the question of whether he is a member of the LGBTQ community but going by his lifestyle a lot of people are already sold out to that thought.

Similarly, influencer and make-up artist Dennis Karuri has always left his fans with the same confusion.

It is something that has led the above-mentioned to receive criticism from none other than Andrew Kibe who of course considers them to be weak men.

This comes when the conversation about the LGBTQ community has been steered by Makena Njeri through their organization trying to encourage all the members of the LGBTQ  community to stop shying off and come out.

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In an interview with Bien of Sauti Sol, the actor argued that there is a need for the ministry of education to incorporate matters of the LGBTQ in the curriculum so as to help kids who are growing to understand more about their sexuality. 

Conversations about sexuality especially about the LGBTQ community in the country have to a great extent been considered taboo. The government has not been keen to address them seeing that the majority of Kenyans are deeply rooted in religion where being a member of the LGBTQ is taboo. 

Well, Makena is not the only celebrity in the country who has come out as a member of the LGBTQ community. King Alami and Noti Flow are another couple who subscribe to the rainbow colors as well as another media personality Anita Nderu. 

We would love to hear your comments on the whole matter of the conversation about LGBTQ  in the country.
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