Why Edgar Obare Isn’t Serving ‘Tea’

'Don't ask when he will be back'

By  | Nov 11, 2020, 09:12 AM  | Edgar Obare  | Drama

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The past week has been a crazy one for Edgar Obare. He had to deal with the backlash from netizens who believed that his kidnapping was staged. Many gave theories of what could have transpired.

All in all, he had to delete his police brutality posts because he just couldn’t cope with the cyberbullying that ensued. His account is now being run by his assistant, and Edgar had to take a break.
His unnamed assistant has since revealed that Edgar won’t be posting for an unspecified amount of time. 

“Edgar still in office, away from social media for now. But we still need to have tea!! Will be in charge of accounts for now, don’t ask when he will be back, I don’t even know,” the assistant said.

When a concerned fan said that exposing celebrities and politicians will land him in trouble, the assistant gave the following answer:

“He will never stop doing what he loves the experience was a lesson in keeping safe and never trust the police,” they added.

The assistant was referring to Edgar’s alleged experience in the hands of police who kidnapped him, stripped him, took photos of his genitals and dumped him in the bushes. At the time he had narrated about the experience, Edgar gave a movie-like account of what happened.

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He had been kidnapped upon arriving outside court for an appearance. 

“I could see AK47s in the front seat, and I could hear they had a police radio. They also kept taunting me that they would drive me to kisumu to face charges there and asked me which powerful person had I insulted in kisumu,” he said.

Edgar has quickly risen to popularity, as he ‘shaped’ relationships and marriages. He is behind the DJ Mo expose that saw him publicly embarrassed and humiliated by a mistress he had been sleeping with for years. DJ Mo’s HIV status was also leaked. He is no longer a DJ on NTV, and someone has already replaced him.

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