What Did Joho Do To Edgar's New Instagram Account?

Edgar blames closure on "Katerina" drama

By  | Jan 07, 2022, 07:01 AM  | Edgar Obare  | Drama

Edgar Obare and Governor Joho
Edgar Obare seems to be having the toughest time on Instagram, the controversial blogger who has just lost his second account in a matter of months.

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The blogger took to his Twitter to let his students (how he refers to his fans) know that his account bnnke had been disabled by Instagram. Edgar noted that he and his team are working to figure out exactly what happened and trying to get the account back by appealing the decision.

Edgar then posted a follow-up tweet directing users to his new account. It seems he has decided to start using his name again, instead of using BNN Kenya. This time he has chosen to go by Uncledgar on Instagram.

He has already managed to gain over 4k followers on his new page, this would have been an immense feat for anybody, however, Edgar is not just anybody, he once had control of an account with millions of followers (which got disabled as well) his recently disabled account had over 250k followers. 

It seems though that this hasn’t stopped Edgar from spilling the tea, as soon as he was back on the already exposed story that got him banned from the social media platform. He noted on his page that immediately he posted about Katerina his account got disabled. 
According to his website BNN.KE, the Katerina drama is what got the tea master arrested in the first place. This drama involves Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho and blogger Natalie Tewa. Edgar and his online detectives revealed that Natalie was traveling alongside Joho as he traveled to see an ailing Raila Odinga in Dubai at the time.  

This caused an online war of words between the online personalities which climaxed with Edgar going to jail and Natalie removing herself from social media. Since then Natalie has gotten back to Youtube and is still rolling out content on a consistent basis.
Youtube embed

Edgar on the other hand is angry at Instagram as he notes that the platform is “trash” for what they have done to him.

Who do you think won this war, after all, is said and done? 

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