"Shut Your Big Mouth"

Sarah Kabu warned against Edgar

By  | May 07, 2021, 12:34 PM  | Edgar Obare  | Drama

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Yesterday did much to even further cement Edgar Obare's as Kenya's King of gossip.

In addition for other celebs adopting Market Day strategy of advertising people's businesses on their pages, it's doing well so far for them and he has no qualms. However, another celeb/influencer has been trying with all their might to emulate his OG nature of revealing celeb secrets on his Instagram stories and having discussions on his DMs and they are having a very hard time at it.

Sarah Kabu has been posting hot topics on her Instagram stories and using her influence and close quarters to celebrities to leak info and give her audience tea that Edgar is not able to and post questions tabs, the whole nine yards, while promoting her business, bonfire adventures.

Edgar, upon being told of what the beauty queen was up to, took to his Instagram to have his devotees state what their opinions were concerning the situation.

Interestingly, many of her viewers think she too old for all these shenanigans, most of all Edgar Obare. 
"Huyu tumsaidie aje aki. this woman is too old for ome things aki. its like she already knowns her husband has side chicks and theres nothing she can do about that so kazi ni kujimotivate tu pamoja na kamati yake ya goat wives..."
Many believe she hasn't really done much to warrant giving advice.
"who does Sarah Kabu think she is? i mean what transformative or disruptive thing has she achievedd? who lied to her and told her having a company or a business entitles her to act as a pedastal for anything. last time i checked there are thousands of tours and travel companies..."
to some, she is just a wife to a rich man.
"There is nothing imepccable about Sarah or her heavile accented online husband and the less we talk about her the better?"
"someone should advice her to stop jumping on every trending topic pretending to be the president of goat wives.  who appointed her?"
and to others, she should have just shut the hell up.
"she is only role model to women with low self esteem and zero confidence who think men are gods. at her age she should do better and use her platform to educate not focus on goatwife vs sidechic"
"her interlligence levela are zero and wanting"
She in fact went and set up a pole on who preferred whose content hers or Edgar Obare's and he won by a landslide! this, he took maximum advantage of.

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