Edgar Obare leaks Andrew Kibe's Explicit Photos

Sasa nani ndio kafukuswi?

By  | Apr 26, 2022, 07:54 AM  | Edgar Obare  | Drama

Edgar Obare and Andrew Kibe
Popular blogger Edgar Obare has come out guns blazing in his latest online beef with social commentator Andrew Kibe, the blogger has exposed explicit photos allegedly showing kibe in an alleged inappropriate relationship with a minor. 

Edgar shared the photos on his BNN Telegram as a response to their ongoing online feud. The blogger has been on the warpath recently when it comes to Andrew Kibe, The Tea master called out the popular social commentator asking him to defend himself against accusations that he allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with a minor. 

Andrew Kibe responded exactly how many people thought he would as he used his popular YouTube channel to go after Edgar. Kibe shared a video that discredits Edgar Obare as it shows him sharing a false story and then coming to apologise later on for his mistake. 
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The two personalities have been going at it the whole weekend and we can’t wait to see where this beef will go as none of them is holding anything back. Kibe isn’t the first celebrity whose explicit content has been exposed by Edgar.

Just recently, Manzi Wa Kibera took to her Instagram page to defend herself after Edgar Obare, the Tea Master himself, revealed that he had seen her explicit video, and wanted to get her side of the story as to how the videos surfaced.

The influencer shared a number of posts on her page to explain exactly what happened and how the video came to the light. According to Manzi Wa Kibera, the video saw the light of day because of her boyfriend (Chali Wa Kibera). She noted that her boyfriend left his phone, which had the video, with his friends without password protection.

According to Manzi Wa Kibera, it was one of her boyfriend’s friends who leaked the video. She further noted that her boyfriend has been trying to apologise to her for what happened. The socialite even shared a video of her boyfriend getting a tattoo of her name noting that it was his way of apologising.

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Manzi Wa Kibera revealed that she was willing to forgive her boyfriend for what he did as the videos and photos that were leaked were of two people making love which according to her is a normal thing. She went to the extent of proposing to his boyfriend just to show that there were no hard feelings over the issue.

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