Andrew Kibe Responds To Edgar Obare With Pettiness

No end in sight when it comes to this beef

By  | Apr 28, 2022, 09:43 AM  | Edgar Obare  | Drama

Andrew Kibe and Edgar Obare

Social commentator Andrew Kibe has finally responded to Edgar Obare for exposing his explicit photo whereby he was allegedly photographed having relations with a minor.

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The two social media celebs have been going at each other’s throats for the past few weeks and Edgar recently shared the photos on his Telegram page for the whole world to view. Kibe’s fans however were convinced that the Tea Master photoshopped the images in a bid to discredit Andrew Kibe. 

Before Kibe could respond to this latest attack by his nemesis, his fans were quick to take to the Kelebrity Facebook comment section to give their opinion on what they felt about Edgar’s latest attack.

Screenshots of fans commenting on the ongoing feud.

Most fans were convinced that Edgar had photoshopped Kibe’s head on another person’s body as they could not believe that their favorite social media influencer was as thin as the man in the photo.

Other fans were busy commenting on how they could not wait for Kibe to respond to these claims. We are with these fans because knowing Kibe he will not be keeping quiet about this story because if he does then it might mean that he has something to hide.

Well, Andrew Kibe has finally responded to Edgar’s infamous photo leak by sharing another edited video of Edgar Obare. In the video, Edgar is talking about his own relationship baggage whereby his character was developed by a girl in his early years.

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Edgar noted that he was involved in a love triangle whereby he was the third boyfriend to a lady who was dating two other men; one in Kenya and the main one who is based abroad. Kibe edited the photo with cut-away clips featuring the Late President Hon. Mwai Kibaki telling Edgar he was “bure kabisa”.

Youtube embed

It’s not surprising to see Kibe responding with pettiness as he stays silent on the fact that Edgar alleged he had an inappropriate relationship with a high school girl. 

The news that Andrew Kibe allegedly had a relationship with a minor first came out back in 2021. The news was initially broken by none other than the Tea Master himself, Edgar Obare. The popular blogger revealed that one of his students (as he affectionately refers to his fans) spilled the tea on him and he had no choice but to share it with the world. 

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