Edgar Obare Takes On Raila Odinga

In truly deep waters now

By  | Jul 23, 2021, 01:15 PM  | Drama

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We all know Edgar Obare, the gossip blogger with the courage of a 3-year-old!
He's daring and tenacious, and he's not afraid to speak the truth. He came to Kenya with the intent to reveal all of the biggest news ads the juiciest stories, and he's been doing just that! This is precisely why Kenyans love him -he gets the job done, and he's not afraid to walk into the places people have warned him not to walk in!

But though he's now almost just as widely known for his fearlessness, he's just as well known for his ability to overstep boundaries. The truth is, we all do things we aren't the difference between us and celebrities is the fact that they get to have their dirty laundry aired publicly, and they are often faced with the choice to have everything they have done in the secret out in the right, with everyone discussing it, and making sure they know that they're discussing it!
Over these past two years, Edgar has found himself exposing the deepest secrets from affairs to covert deals done in the dark, ad each time the deeper he goes, the more trouble he finds himself and the worse his punishment gets.
This time though, it's looking like Edgar has just about done too much, and he's entered an entirely different section of people he ought not to expose for anything, ever.
This morning, while doing an expose of the fact that Senator Loitiptip has been marrying girls for their access to power their families have, Edgar Obare began fishing much deeper into the kinds of people that the senator's current wife has in her grasp. Today, while elaborating further on his expose on the Senator, he revealed that she was the daughter of former MP Ahmed Ibrahim, who was said to be extremely well connected in the government. One of his viewers thought to explain that Bambi's father is an extremely dangerous man and where the gossip borders were was thickly crossing the line...they even talked of ending people's lives!
That was the point where he then delved into Aeedah's ex-boyfriend Steve Oduk...and started talking about the kinds of violent encounters that Steve had with him.
The ball dropped when they revealed that Raila Odinga had made plans of intermarriage between his daughter  Rosemary Odinga and Aeedah Bambi's father!

This was delving into dangerous waters because well, the information was rather private and was kept private for a reason.
Edgar's people began to warn him of talking about Raila's personal business online, telling him that Raila is very dangerous, and when it came to the business regarding upper government, family matters were not meant to be discussed in the open.
Edgar felt the apprehension and responded 
"So i will take your concerns seriosuly, no one is untouchable and i also want to encourage whistleblowers to message me with indsiputable reseipts about what really goes on in this country. We shall revisit this again soon."
He said bring it on!
Information is yet to be provided but there will be more on this story soon. 
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