Is DJ Mo's Side Chick Stalking Size 8?

This girl is fame hungry!

By  | Oct 23, 2020, 11:28 AM  | DJ Mo  | Drama

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You may think that DJ Mo’s side chick is done with them, but it seems like she still wants to be heard. The bootylicious chick has actually been stalking Size 8, contrary to what she said before. Maggie has been pretending that she is not interested in DJ Mo, or his life. Read on, we have evidence.

Remember when she said that she has a new man? Well, the man she initially posted has never posted her photos. The dude only posts his escapades, while driving big machines and flaunting his riches. She may not have a boyfriend after all.

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According to our deduction, the mother of one seems to be struggling to gain fame. Maggie has repeatedly tried to revive the drama but has failed. In fact, the latest was her trying to say that for the DJ Mo expose, her account was hacked by a friend. It all ended up being an attempt to step back. Nobody seems to care anymore.
Perhaps she had hoped to gain 1 million followers and get verified on Instagram. Her expectations were perhaps too high. Now, with her newly gained bunch of followers, Maggie doesn’t know what to do with them.

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She doesn’t know what to do next. Even if she gained a lot of followers, she doesn’t seem to be smart enough to know what to do with them. All she has been doing is doing Instagram live sessions, cursing at haters, using expletives every few seconds to look like she’s tough, and ultimately, recycling old photos on her Instagram feed. 

Maggie also sips cheap wine from time to time. She also has the same wig; never changes. Her English is questionable; Ringtone may actually be better at speaking English. As if that’s not enough, she tweng’s. The way she tried to have a Kim Kardashian accent is hilarious.

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Now, back to her stalking Size 8. We actually found out that she follows Size 8, and she unashamedly liked her latest photo. We took a screenshot to prove it. Here you go:

This leaves us wondering, why is Size 8 allowing Maggie to follow her, like her photos, and stalk her? Is she that strong? Or was this a partnership with her so that the Murayas could trend?

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Well, DJ Mo has been sharing screenshots of their YouTube channel, bragging how their videos are trending and getting a lot of views. Only time will tell.

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