“I Don’t Need Cheap Publicity” Popular Gospel DJ Mocks DJ Mo


By  | Oct 11, 2020, 09:51 AM  | DJ Mo  | Drama

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Much has been said about the cheating scandal that DJ Mo was embroiled in, but least did we expect a jab directed towards DJ Mo to come from a fellow gospel DJ. This happened in the most unexpected way.

DJ Sadiq, popularly known as one of Kenya’s finest gospel DJs posted a funny post on his Facebook page. He is known to be a meme lord, someone who collects and shares funny posts almost every day.

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His fans always get a treat of his witty humor. This one post got mixed reactions, and he was left putting out fires.

“Pesa kidogo ushaanza morning run,” he captioned the post.

Without thinking about it, a fan dropped a comment that elicited a savage comment from the DJ. 

“Pia ww unataka ku trend? Chokozana tu kitaeleweka kama kwa dj moh”, said Paul Kimani. The fan was referring to the drama that has been the talk of the town all week; how DJ Mo was caught red-handed cheating.

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“Excuse me. I’m a trend myself. I don’t need cheap publicity,” he said. This comes as a shocker as to many, the gospel industry is one closely-knit family. You would have expected Sadiq to defend DJ Mo, just like Diamond defended Harmonize and he did the same for him.

It seems like Tanzanians know how to protect each other more than Kenyans. The only people who have come out to genuinely defend DJ Mo are Bahati and Mercy Masika. Betty Bayo’s statement on cheating seems far-fetched and unreal. Let’s see how this ends.

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