How the cheating scandal messed DJ Mo

By  | Oct 24, 2020, 03:32 PM  | DJ Mo  | Drama

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Ever since rumors surfaced, the DJ hasn’t been on TV with his co-host Grace Ekirapa. The two have always had chemistry on-screen, to a point where people felt that they were having an affair. This is something that Ekirapa addressed in a recent interview with Radio Jambo.

“During the launch of Crossover is when the rumor started. We had done a couple of photoshoots on different days and most of the time his hands was on my shoulder or mine on his and so people got talking.” she revealed.

DJ Mo hasn’t been on the show for the past two weeks. It has been a dramatic time for the entertainer and his family. They have had to take vacation after vacation in a bid to fix the situation.

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Ekirapa says that she has not been able to reach her workmate for weeks now.

“I haven’t spoken to him and to be honest. It’s been hard for me to get to him. My phone calls haven’t been going through, I know it’s been difficult for him and I think when he is ready he will talk to me. Meanwhile, the show has been going on without him but that’s the management’s decision,” she added.

The petite TV presenter, however, had reservations about her relationship with DJ Mo. While weighing in on the kind of a man he is, she chose to highlight his best side.

“What I will have to say is, when you get saved you won’t stop sinning, you can’t be perfect but there will be consequences. We make mistakes. DJ Mo is an amazing guy and if there’s a chance of working with him again, I would love that.” She concluded.
Well, it seems that the DJ and his family have taken a hit. Brands seem to have stopped advertising on DJ Mo’s Instagram page. The only recent photos are his vacation photos. Let’s hope he bounces back!

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