DJ Mo's Side Chic Is Back With More Juicy Revelations

She will keep haunting them

By  | Jan 13, 2021, 08:05 AM  | DJ Mo  | Drama

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In October last year, the gospel industry was hit by a cheating scandal between DJ Mo and his wife Size 8. This scandal almost broke the gospel couple’s marriage.

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It all begun when a lady by the name Margaret Wanyama shared screenshots of the DJ’s private conversations with her.

The gospel deejay trended for days after Margaret exposed their illicit love affair despite being married.

The Kenyan lady who’s based in Bahrain during a Q&A with her fans on Instagram when asked about her relationship with DJ Mo she said,

‘We smashed one time that was in 2016 but we became friends, he has a wife and I have a man. I did clear that story.’
If you remember, she had previously claimed to have never been in any intimate relationship with the entertainer.

Wanyama, in a convo with blogger Edgar Obare sought to clear her name as she begged Kenyans to stop spreading reports that she was in an illicit affair with DJ Mo.

According to the lass, the sex scandal and the cheating were all choreographed by her former friend who faked everything all in a bid to taint DJ Mo and her name.
Just days after the scandal rocked the internet, Size 8 and her family traveled to the coast to celebrate their seventh marriage anniversary like nothing ever happened.
 This left many convinced that it was all staged managed. Magaret also claimed to have gotten pregnant during the long affair. 
With this new information that they only slep together once in 2016, comes as a confusing element. Was the whole story real, did they have a long affair or just a one time thing? Neither of the two have clearly stated the truth.
Margaret also went on to state that she has a new man and she is not a lesbian.
After the scandal, DJ Mo wrote an apology to his wife and have since been holding down his family.

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