DJ Mo Responds To Ringtone By Breaking The Bank

Ati simu price ya shamba amenunua for fun

By  | Mar 25, 2022, 09:30 AM  | DJ Mo  | Drama

DJ Mo and Ringtone
Popular Gospel Disck Jockey DJ Mo has broken the bank to purchase a Samsung phone worth Kes 215K. 

DJ Mo took to his Instagram to show off his latest big-money purchase, A Samsung Galaxy Fold, a phone which can convert into a tablet-like device with just one fold, guess we know where the name comes from.

Screenshots of DJ Mo's new phone

In his caption, DJ Mo noted that he made the purchase just for fun, aki pesa wewe nitakupata wapi, the audacity to spend Kes 215K just for fun when the economy is in such a horrible space is such a flex from the Gospel artist (we thought watumishi are past mambo ya dunia).

We do understand where this urge to spend big came from, however, as just recently Ringtone Apoko claimed that the DJ and his wife are not as rich as he is. The controversial Gospel musician recently revealed that DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 are renting their mansion located in a green leafy suburb of Kiambu.

Ringtone made this revelation on his Instagram page after the release of the Young Famous And African show on Netflix, netizens had been discussing Kenyans who might have a chance to be in the show, given that the cast members are famous young, and filthy rich.

Fans, however, were arguing against Ringtone joining the show noting that he is too elderly for the show and that his English is inadequate. On social media, memes were circulating claiming that if Ringtone and Diamond went on the show together, they would entirely destroy the English language.

Reacting to the debate, Ringtone recently released a list of the richest Kenyan celebrities in his assessment. Top on the list is him of course with five high-head cars, mansions in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi, apartments, and hotels., second on his list is Jaguar the member of parliament for Starehe, followed by Akothee.

He launched an attack on Betty Kyallo, claiming that she has no car, lives in a rented apartment, and owns just a salon. On Huddah he noted that the only thing she owns is a lipstick business online. He further noted that  Khaligraph Jones owns an incomplete mansion and a car. As for Anerlisa, he noted that she lives in her mother's house.

Ringtone continued to choose violence in his assessment as he noted that Dj Mo and Size 8 live in a rental house and only have two cars.
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Do you think DJ Mo's latest purchase proves that he is one of the richest celebs in Kenya? 
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