Dj Joe Mfalme's Hideous Demand After Losing Radio Job

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By  | Mar 31, 2021, 04:05 AM  | DJ Joe Mfalme  | Drama

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Days after being fired from Homeboyz radio, DJ Joe Mfalme now turns his attention to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Disc Jockey wants the President to unlock the country so that he and other entertainers can get income from organized events.

His demands come a few days after President Kenyatta locked down some parts of the country and banned social gatherings following the surge in numbers of Covid-19 cases.

The move by the president has greatly affected the livelihoods of entertainers who depend on events to earn a living.

Taking to his social media page, DJ Joe Mfalme joined a section of Kenyans demanding the lockdown be uplifted.

In the #UnclockOurCountry campaign, DJ Joe Mfalme says those in the entertainment, hospitality, tourism, and education want to work to feed their families.

"We want to work to feed our families," the slogan of the campaign says.

DJ Joe Mfalme was rendered jobless after being fired by the Radio Africa Group's radio station alongside two other presenters - Shaffie Weru and Neville Muysa.

The three presenters were fired over alleged Gender-based violence utterances.

The firing followed a comprehensive review of the comments they made on Homeboyz radio last week and their subsequent suspension from work.

With the firing and no events to perform, the entertainer might be currently starring at possible economic hardship in the near future hence calling for President Kenyatta to ease the lockdown.
From left; DJ Joe Mfalme, Neville, and Shaffie Weru. Photo: Courtesy

DJ Joe's demands might. however, look hideous now that the Covid-19 positivity rate in the country has seriously increased since the beginning of March.

He joins celebrities like rapper Khaligraph Jones who has called on the president to open up the country and uplift curfew.

Khaligraph urged that the President should unlock the country since most people were suffering.

"Tell The President to Unlock The goddamn Country and Remove the Curfew, People are really suffering, This is unacceptable," the rapper said.

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