Did Michelle Ntalami Fake A Private Jet Flight To Diani?

Who's fooling who...

By  | Dec 04, 2020, 05:08 PM  | Drama

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By now, the whole world knows about Michelle Ntalami's sunny getaway in Diani. The Marini Naturals CEO's holiday snaps went viral because of her 'too-close-for-comfort' pics with former Tahidi High actress Makena Njeri which hinted that there might be a little bit more to their friendship than normal.

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But the holiday was not the only thing on Michelle's agenda. She was also there on official influencer duties. One sponsor she promoted during her trip was Fly Safarilink. Safarilink is known to be Kenya's go-to luxury airline to all the best exclusive safari destinations. Basically, it's an airline for the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

In a post-holiday Instagram plug, Michelle thanked the airline for jetting her in and out of the coastal island: "Adios Diani! The memories made were too beautiful. Kurudi ni shida! But @flysafarilink has made my journey to acceptance much easier."

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All well and good. That's until an eagle-eyed fan blew the whistle of Michelle by exposing her 'fake' claims. The fan who revealed the information to gossip blogger Edgar Obare said that she was on a Jambojet flight with Michelle and her boo Makena. And that the two were definitely flying budget and not private like they were suggesting on Instagram.

"Imagine, my pal was in a flight with Michelle and Makena when they came back from Msa. They were all on Jambojet. Then alas today, Michelle is busy tagging Safarilink."

"This watu wa social media aki. Kutupatia pressure na mauongo mingi. Now I was flying from Diani the same day these guys were flying back. I saw them take those pictures and videos next to Safarilink, but my dear walipanda tu Jambojet na sisi. Ghai! Fake it till you make it kwa kweli."

A fan on Edgar Obare's page reacted to the news with wonder: "So waht's the fuss about? Is Safarilink more expensive than Jambojet? I don't even get it. Why did they need to fake this?"

In a latest twist, Michelle has caught wind of the fallout from the revelations and has written to Edgar Obare to explain her side of the story:

"The story of Safarilink has been completely taken out of context and misconstrued. There is absolutely no "tea" there and it's absurd."

She went on to clarify the whole situation in her own Instagram stories.

"Happy Friday to my fans! To the rest of you, you clearly need a vacation. Safarilink organized my flight from Nairobi to Diani, and back. I flew Safarilink going to Diani... On coming back, last minute at the Ukunda Airstrip, I got a call telling me if I don't mind to fly back with Jambojet, for their own reasons. I agreed and flew back with Jambojet."

She went on to defend her reputation as a real one and never ever being involved in faking her life for social media and clout.

"If you know me well, you know damn well that I don't "fake" anything, especially not for social media. Also if you know me you would know that fake-flexing on the Gram is one of my biggest pet peeves in today's society."

But as another fan pointed out to Edgar Obare, does this mean then that Michelle is promoting an apparently unreliable airline service to her fans. Which one is worse? We'll let you decide.

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