Did Jimmy Gait Just Say That Avril Is Too Fat For Him? (VIDEO)

Heh! Seems he loves petite things

By  | Oct 22, 2020, 05:33 PM  | Drama

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Controversial gospel singer Jimmy Gait is on the prowl for a wife to settle with. We can confirm that he isn’t married yet because he had an interview with Caroline Mukami of Ghafla Kenya, and they talked about the kind of women Jimmy would date.

In a spectacular fashion, the “Kuna Day” singer said that he would love to date Tanasha, but that is a mirage...a dream that he needs to wake out from.

“Tanasha is very beautiful and very intelligent but this is fiction…but Tanasha, yes!” he said.

It is worth noting that despite being a public figure, the talented crooner rarely publicizes his love life. In fact, there’s little that is known about who and who he has dated, at least to his fans.
When asked about Avril, he promptly said that she is not his type.

 “I don't like very big, sizeable. Kubwa sana si sawa,” he declared.

The singer went on to further explain what would make her not date Tanasha, even if he had a chance. Talk of ego.

“If I was looking at the spiritual aspect, then I would not date Tanasha because she is Muslim,” he revealed. 
The singer recently opened up about his encounter with the Illuminati. He admitted that he was once offered Ksh. 10 million but declined.

“When I went home, I could tell something was wrong, my spirit was grieved. Can you imagine being given 10 million but you’re unhappy? I didn’t feel the happiness in me, I was grieving in my spirit and I knew for a fact, it was a red flag and that’s how I didn’t take it,” he said.

So the recent interview may be another way to spark controversy. We wonder what Tanasha would say if she heard that a veteran gospel singer - who is not as famous and rich as Diamond - is admiring her. As for her relationship with Diamond, Tanasha has moved on completely, is planning to do big things, and above all, has been vocal about her past, including accusing him of copying her song.

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